23/08/2003 - 31/08/2016

I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a beautiful 12 week old black puppy as my first show/breeding bitch in 2003. Fleur`s dam, Carpenny Wizzena (IMP UK), was imported to NZ in whelp to Ole' (FRA). Fleur was a stunning bitch but never enjoyed the show ring even going so far as to fake a limp and look particually hard done by to avoid having to do it but be miraculously cured by the time we drove past the river on the way home, her favourite place. I gave up! She was super intelligent and I learned very quickly she could not be contained in a run as she simply climbed out. From an early age she was "free range", never touching livestock or going on the road. She was totally trustworthy never destroying anything of making a mess in the house even if left inside for a few hours alone. I remeber when she had her first litter and we had a beast home killed we had a bucket of offal which I left in the pantry overnight to cut up for the dogs in the morning but when I got up the bucket was on it`s side and empty... Fleur`s puppies were chewing on offal but the two sliding doors between them and the pantry remained shut and Fleur completely innocent looking! She produced some beautiful dogs and after being out of the breed for a few years due to personal reasons I was able to welcome her beautful great grand daughter into the family in July this year. She saw her 13th birthday without ever going to the vet for anything but routine visits but sadly in the last few weeks she satrted to decline rapidly and I had to make the hardest decison to let her run free and wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.




14/04/2004 - 27/03/2018

My second Labrdor bitch came from Roughfield Labradors in NZ. She was a great show dog quickly gaining her NZ CH title and was the first dog I ever won a class in group with! Dharma was as trustworthy as Fleur being "free range" for years with Fleur never causing any trouble and always being just a whistle away. We sadly lost Dharma just before her 14th birthday. We miss her wagging tail everytime we drive in the driveaway. 

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Dr Rolf and Kelly Sokolinski

Riverina NSW